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The Blazing Warlord
Artist | Student
this is my number one female original character ~Blazing Warlord~

Current Residence: Somewhere in the world
Favourite genre of music: Almost Everything
Favourite style of art: Digital Coloring
Operating System: XP is the best
MP3 player of choice: K-lite Windows media players clasic
Favourite cartoon character: Shin Asuka from Seed Destiny
Personal Quote: Life is just like an adventure to survive, no pain, no gain.
Hy, Everyone~^_^!, i just want to tell you that i will be Busy for a big manga project with :iconseochan: & :iconcleife: in my country, because of that, i'll give you a litle storyline hint for you^_^!, please note that i can't do any request for an unknown time due to a lot of work, but all of my old requst will still be finished but maybe will take more time, really sorry about it~T^T!

P.S Note : all of this storyline is part of "Netherworld Project". please note the member of Netherworld Studio if you want to make anything from it.

well, here's the storyline^^!

Shatered Memories (the most possible title, maybe will change in the future)

Genre : Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Horror

Status : Unfinished Storyline, Not published yet.

one day, a very curious high school girl called Neina(this name is still under debate) have a nightmare that always appear whenever she's asleep. That Nightmare is started to appear 1 week's ago, in that dream, she's always see her dead self, murdered by her own mother. the reason is simple, her mother is also murdered Neina father after her father Commit some DV(domestic Viollence) to her mother and she want to commit Family Suicide. that situation is really strange, cuz Neina Family is just a normal-happy family that's never have a DV incident. there was also a misterious case about a Suddenly dissapearance of people that happen in her town and all of the people is always Vanished without a single trace. Neina believe that both case is Connected Somehow, so she started to investigate this case along with his Childhood friend, Edrand(this name is still under debate).   

also a little upgrade for my other storyline :

A.Li.Ve ~ A Live For Love

Genre : Action, , Drama, Comedy, Love Story, Daily Life

Status : Finished Storyline, Not Published Yet

A Story of “Sierra Floria”, a 2nd grade normal high school girl from Vandour 4th High School that have been Fallen in love to “Loud Segretion”, an unbeatable delinquent and also the most dangerous and mysterious people from her school that Share the same class with her. A story of her usual day with her Friend from school, Iara Clarantine and Laura Éclair that always want to help Sierra onesided love to Loud. along with their delinquent Childhood Classmate, Raid Rushell and Claude Straffic that always picking a fight with Loud. Also their new homeroom teacher, Aizen Kyske that’s always have a hard day with them.

Project R.A.I.D

Genre : Action, Drama, Comedy, Adventure

Status : Finished Storyline, Not Published Yet

A Sequel of A.Li.Ve, Two Week’s after the last Event in A.Li.Ve, Raid Rushell and Claude Straffic make a silly accident that make’s them the most wanted person in town that even police is searching for them. In order to get away safely, they mistakenly take Iara Clarantine and laura Éclair as a hostage and even use Aizen Kyske house as a castaway. But everything change after they found a mysterious disc and somekind of mysterious machine that incidentally transfer them to a strange world in a Netgame called Project R.A.I.D, an underground Netgame that was made by Netherworks, Raid’s Parrent Company. they also find out that there’s some serious error that’s make all of the people that play this game cannot Logout after they arrive. So, along with “Claudia Rushell”, Raid Sister that have been missing since 10 years ago and also one of the GM in that game, they travel around the world of R.A.I.D to find a way to get out to the real world and also find Raid’s Parrent that suppose to be missing in that world.

Addicted Club

Genre : Action, Drama,Comedy, Daily Life

Status : UnFinished Storyline, Not Published Yet

This day was a new beginning for Rienna Floria, a new freshmen from Vandour 1st high school, a school that’s very famous because there's almost 100 Ex-school Club in there. She’s always think differently from other people and she often have a completely strange way to express his passion, that’s why she have no friend in her past three years and want to make something different after she graduate, and so, she decided to join some club in her new school. But, because of her clumsiness, she’s late on the first day and she Suddenly meet with a strange Old man that Suddenly give her a strange key and tell her to find a room that fit the key on the school. After that Rienna is Trying to make a nice expression in the class But she’s been ignored by all of his classmate in her first day on the school and even didn’t find a club that fit her image. Then she find a small and unused room that fit the key that she have. then the old man says to her that she can use that room Freely. Rienna then have a very Strange idea, she’ll make a new club in that room and called it Addicted Club, a club for a strange and different people like her, so she can find someone that can feel the same like her.

Demon's Fate

Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller, Horror, Mystery

Status : Finished Storyline, Not Published Yet

Arch Levantine, a 2nd grade high school girl from Vandour 6th High School is a very Strange and unusual Girl, She didn’t have a Memory about her past and even her parent. She live in the large and empty house that even she didn’t know why she can live there. She have a big Scar in her back that seem like a big slash by a sword. She’s often had a strange dream about herself that Kill and slaughtered Many People and even laught about it, she’s also know that there’s “Something” in her body and it’s really “Bad”. That’s why she’s always run away from the other people and became a very silent and lonely person. Then, one day in her usual spot on the roof of her school, she found a Doll that look’s very familiar to her but she can’t remember it. She then meet with the guy that search for that doll, “Reive Reion”. Reive is also one class with Arch and also seem familiar to her but Arch still can’t remember him. And then Their destinied meeting will change Arch live forever.

Dual Arms

Genre : Action, Drama, Comedy, Adventure

Status : UnFinished Storyline, Not Published Yet

Duo Verdandy is a very Genius and Dilligent High School Student from Vandour 6th High School, he’s always have a perfect Score in almost everything that he doing. That’s why everyone in his school always call her “Duo The Tactician”. But no one knows that this perfect student is now Fall in love with “SkyGals”, a Top Ranking player from an online fighting netgame called “Duel Arms”. Because of that, one day he decided to start playing that game Secretly in an internet café called “Advent Net Café”, but he can’t hide that from “Sheryl Carvanna”, his childhood friend that’s always curious about Duo Lately. Gladly, Sheryl is Agree to keep a secret about his new hobby to anyone else. Then, after watch “SkyGals” Performance again, Sheryl is Agree to help Duo in order to meet “SkyGals” again and Decided to start playing Duel Arms Together.

Sphere ~ The Origin of Creation

Genre : Action, Drama, Comedy, Adventure

Status : Finished Storyline, Not Published Yet

This is a Story About another world called “Spheria”, a world created by three realm that rotate each other. many race’s live together in harmony, and this world have a very unique technology called “Sphere”. “Sphere” is somekind of mechanism to store anything inside a spherical item created by combining Technology, Alchemy And Magic. there was a legend in this World about a sphere that have a power to create everything from nothing because it’s contain “The Creator’s” power. That’s sphere is called “Origin Of the Creation” and each part is called “Piece of Origin” or also called “Elementer Sphere” Due to It’s Power that can Control Every Part of Element in this World. “Origin Of the Creation” is also create a very Massive war in the past due to it’s power. The Legend Say’s that If Someone Can get all of the Pieces, he can Regenerate the Origin of creation Once more and can use the power to Create everything That he wishes for. Alta Von Leventhan, a very well known Blacklist Spherehunter is also searching for Piece of Origin because she want to regain all of her memory in the past that she can’t remember. Along with her partner, Myers Phantera and her new friend, Ignis Crimson And Aeris Aeria, they Travel around Spheria World in order to Searching for every Piece of Origin.

Fragment of the Skies

Genre : Action, Drama, Mystery, Adventure, Sci Fy

Status : UnFinished Storyline, Not Published Yet

in the year 1989, a mysterious Blue Light started to appear in the sky all over the world. Soon After That, there was a Weird Rumor Spreading around the world About a mysterious Appearance Resemble to Human with Mechanical Wing Fly Across The Sky. Anyone that saw that mysterious Appearance Ussualy Didn’t Want to tell the detail to anyone Else. Then, this year, a Freelance reporter called “Masashiro Enishi” saw two Mysterious Light Fly Across his town and the other one Fall in The Mountain near his House. Then he found a Very Beautifull Girl with pink hair that seems to be Injured and Amnesia. That Girl Have A very strange Mechanical Wing in her back, same like the Bad rumor. After That Enishi started to Live With the girl that he called “Pink” in her House and started to investigate why the Mechanical Winged Human Started to make an appearance in the World.

Future Mobile Suit Gundam Chronos

Genre : Action, Drama, Mecha, Sci Fy

Status : UnFinished Storyline, Not Published Yet

Earth, 2012. A Newly Formed Country in the northern Europe Called “United Eurasia” or “Unisia” is began to attacking the other Country with their Supreme Technology that Surpass every Technology in that Era. They use a gigantic war machine called “Mobile Suit” that surpass every weapon that human have in that time. with that overwhelming power, Unisia Began another World War Called “World Break War” that started from 2012 until 2015. then Unisia Become a number one Country in the world after easily Defeat Every Country that resist them. The Result of this War is Very Horrible, 30 % of Human Population is dead and the earth became a very hard to live Planet because of Nuclear Polution. Then in the Year 2054, Unisia start to launch a Giant Sattelite called “Colony” to the Outer Space in Order to Live In Space, they started the “Selection System” to Anyone who want to live in that newly human made earth in space. Because of that System, many people that still live on earth began to make a rebellion To Unisia and started another page of war. Then, in year 2058, an Ace pilot from Unisia that always hate his own country, “Darris Rau” incidentally Found a Mysterious Mobile Suit Called “Gundam” in her escort Mission to “Colony Alpha” and meet with the Mysterious Hummanoid Artificial girl Called “Type Alpha”. From Her information, Darris started to understand why Unisia have a technology that can surpass the other Country and even can win the World Break War easily. Thus, this destinied meeting will lead the world into another page of war.

well, that's all for today^_^!, more storyline will be added soon^_^!
for all who watch me, i give you my very thank's.

more info about SDL :

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end journal...

see also...

Book 1 of Dual Arms and Sphere ~ The Origin of Creation Storyline (Indonesian version only) :
chapter 1 :…
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chapter 5 :…
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